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Developing a strong online presence requires communicating with customers where they’re looking for information. We help you leverage new ways to utilize content marketing, social media, digital strategies, and reporting to engage users and transform them into customers.

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Brands need an active social media presence to amplify their marketing efforts—and to connect with customers. We help clients create and execute social media strategies that effectively reach your target audience and communicate your story.

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Whether an international campaign, a thought leadership video, or a multi-million-dollar trade show experience the power to persuade lies in the power of the idea.

Essential brands create clear narratives and creative expressions about what they do and why it matters. Our creative crew thrives on turning conceptual visions into reality. To do this, we take a step back and examine your brand image broadly and contextually. Considering the role of visual language, user experience, and human-computer interaction to produce creative work more effectively across all channels.

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Content Strategy

An effective social media presence demands a well thought out content strategy. How you communicate with the world around you has a huge influence on your business reputation and capability. Rather than engaging in a series of random posts or ticking off unrelated tasks, a content strategy allows you to take a step back and see the bigger picture.

Who are you trying to reach? What platforms will you use? How will you measure success? A content strategy is a top-down approach to content creation and publication that is designed to support your business objectives and long-term goals. We can help you to develop, document, and implement a custom content strategy that works for your business.

Online Reputation Management

When it comes to business, there’s nothing more powerful than your reputation. While the Internet is a powerful business tool, online reviews, comments, and social media may create issues that catch you by surprise. We specialize in online reputation management and know how to support your valuable reputation in today’s connected media landscape.

Online reputation management involves a careful balancing act between transparency and risk management. While you want to be open to criticism and feedback, you don’t want a few bad reviews to define your organization. Online reputation management is about monitoring community sentiment, responding to criticism when required, and making sure the pros always outnumber the cons.

Content Creation

Modern social media marketing demands high-quality content. Everyone is on social media these days, which means you need to be strategic if you want to stand out from the crowd. We specialize in useful and relevant online content that provides real and lasting value for your audience.

Crafting valuable content is not always easy, especially if you want to appeal to certain demographics or link your content to specific products or services. While you want to inspire user action, it’s important not to alienate your audience with direct sales. High-quality content has and always will be king.

Crisis Communication

Success is not defined by how you react when the sun is out, but by how you react in a storm. Crisis communication is about your ability to react in the face of a public crisis or challenge. The perception of your company in times of crisis can have a huge influence on its performance, with issues needing to be dealt with quickly and effectively to ensure containment and reduce long-term damage.

Crisis communication can be a hefty task in today’s complex media landscape, with our trained professionals able to recognize incidents and mitigate risks before they lead to additional problems. From the collection and processing of information through to specific defensive and corrective actions, we can help you to get on top of a negative situation before it gets out of hand.

Community Management

Community management is defined by the management of a common resource. Also known as common-pool resource management, these resources are typically run by volunteers or other stakeholders as a form of collective action. Open-source software is the perfect example, with real-world resources including things like water rights and fishing rights.

This highly specialized field requires experience and extensive knowledge of the resource in question. Collaborative projects such as Wikipedia or the local farmer’s market often cause management problems due to non-exclusive resources and lack of private incentives. We can help to manage all aspects of a community project and ensure a better quality of service for all parties concerned.

Media Press Release

When you’re announcing a new brand, service, or product to the world, you want to make a real impression. Knowing how to create and put out a media press release is an important skill for any modern business. We can help you create, format and deliver your newsworthy announcement to notable media organizations in relevant markets.

From traditional news releases through to innovative video and multimedia releases, we know how to create high-quality press releases that follow standard formats. Distribution models and timing are also important, with your press release much more effective when it fits within the framework of a larger marketing campaign.

Social Media Advertising

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools for business owners and modern-day marketers. Nothing drives conversation more than social media, which is one of the most efficient and effective ways to engage with your target audience. Social media advertising is an important piece of any marketing strategy, with commercial ads increasingly used to complement organic social content.

We can help with all aspects of social media advertising, not just assisting you in the design and creation of ads but also helping you to set up accounts and budgets. All of our ads are based on advanced keyword market research, and all of our campaigns are followed up with extensive analysis and reporting. Social media platforms are fast becoming the biggest advertising channels in the world.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is about tracking and managing any online conversations that occur through social platforms. Whether it’s a Facebook post or a YouTube comment, how people react to your content is a crucial metric in analyzing your audience. Social media monitoring tools can be used to great effect when it becomes impossible to monitor all of your accounts in real-time.

We help businesses to manage all aspects of their social media, from market research and content creation through to tracking key social metrics. We look for specific references as we monitor your accounts, including brand mentions, hashtags, competitor references, and anything else that may be relevant to your business or industry sector. If you demand intelligent data collection and full-time social monitoring, we have your back.