Employee Spotlight: Rick Barranco

What makes Red Rocket Studios so successful? Its people. The entire team is filled with seasoned professionals with years of Marketing, Entertainment, Event Production, Performance & Music Production experience. All of this together creates an environment of creativity that is second to none and the backbone of Red Rocket Studios. One of those individuals is Rick Barranco, he is not only one of our Executive Producers but also a Producer of Electronic based “Chillout” music. His music is available everywhere online and has been used by Red Rocket Studios as well as Walt Disney entertainment.

Red Rocket Studios would like to offer some of Rick’s music for free. Simply download or stream to your favorite device with a playlist called “Time To Escape”!! With all that is going on in this world right now we just need to put on a pair of headphones and …… Escape!!

To Stream Rick’s Music

SoundCloud – Click Here
Spotify – Click Here
Download – Click Here

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