Launch Your Next Meeting and Event with Red Rocket Studios

Our creative team of former Disney leaders and experts with years of storytelling, entertainment, and production expertise will simplify and elevate your next meeting or event. From creative, strategy, and planning to complete execution we have the team ready and eager to tell your story and bring it to life.

Virtual Meetings

Our virtual meeting production capabilities utilize today’s leading conferencing and live-streaming technologies. Our expert team can help you produce your virtual conference or meeting and stream it to the world from our custom-built, on-site studio or remotely from your preferred location.

We have streamed conferences to over 23 countries and more than 130,000 viewers, our creative services can assist with background development or stage set construction to help amplify your brand and convey your message. There is a lot to think about when selecting a production company to support your virtual conference needs, Red Rocket Studios will save you time, money, and stress.

Creative Development

Event production and management are not just about meeting a budget; they’re also about creating a mood. From the stage sets and lighting through to the décor and seating plan, we can develop immersive environments based around certain themes and styles. Theme development is crucial, with our expert team working with venue staff, tradespeople and artisans to create the perfect mood for your special event.

While event production demands a multi-layered approach, it’s the theme of your event that’s mostly responsible for how it’s received. If you want your event to be remembered, you need to create an atmosphere and mood that resonates with your guests and leaves a lasting impression. We specialize in all aspects of theme creation and development, from the initial brainstorming phase through to making refinements and ensuring the quality of the end product.

Technical and Production Services

Memorable events don’t just occur by accident; they’re the result of a lot of planning and development. Not only do you need a memorable theme, but you also need the knowledge and experience to follow through and take care of the details. Event production can be a complex and challenging task, and it’s the little things that make all the difference.

From show scripting and development through to production logistics and floor plans, professional execution demands industry experience and attention to detail. Compliance and security is an important part of this process, including fire codes, government regulations, and insurance. We specialize in all aspects of production development to create special events that meet your demands and exceed your expectations.

Meetings & Events Entertainment

Whether you’re organizing a corporate showcase or an industry conference, entertainment is an important part of most modern events. It’s important to make the right choices as poor quality entertainment can leave a bad and lasting impression on your guests. We deal with a wide spectrum of entertainment options and match specific types of talent with specific types of events.

We have access to numerous entertainment options, including conference openers, team building games and activities, keynote speakers, and theatrical productions. Talent selection demands industry knowledge, connections, and access to working talent pools. Whether you want to inspire your staff or impress new investors, we understand the entertainment business and know how to integrate talent with the rest of your event.

Creative Media

Special events need to adapt and evolve beyond the confines of stage-oriented entertainment. In order to stand out from the crowd, you can also take advantage of new creative media options. While traditional entertainment still has a role to play, interactive and creative media has become an important part of the event management landscape.

From interactive presentations to touchscreen displays and kiosks, we can make your special event come alive. From Keynote and PowerPoint presentations to augmented reality and 3D holograms, we can excite your audience with new and cutting-edge technology.

Let’s talk about your next event or conference.

Product launches, business meetings, team building events, themed parties, press conferences, shareholder meetings, award ceremonies, executive retreats and more.

We’ve produced every type of event for a variety of different brands and corporations. We are an end-to-end event management company that can handle every aspect of your production, that includes vision, design, layout, venue booking, catering, theme, décor, staffing, photography, videography, and more.

Leverage our years of experience to your advantage and allow us to provide you and your guests an unforgettable experience.