Nautique Boats

We get things done here at Red Rocket Studios!

When our long-time client Nautique Boats first came to us in 2007, they wanted a re-imagined website and they wanted it within two months. Not only did we deliver a visually stunning website by their deadline, we layered in responsive features and improved overall functionality and findability! This precipitated an ongoing relationship with Nautique Boats that has resulted in the creation of four new unique microsites for different boat lines, a corporate marketing and sales portal, multiple event forms, and two sales-enablement brochures. One of our biggest accomplishments is the relaunch of Nautique’s Build-A-Boat feature as “Design Your Nautique”, a web-application that enables users to build and save 3D models of Nautique Boats with mix-and-matched parts, colors, and interiors stored in our custom database.

Design Your Nautique

To date, we have created three installments of the “Design Your Nautique” application, even creating a dealer version that incorporates MSRP pricing, customization options, and support for local events. We continue to provide daily and weekly updates to the Nautique website, working hard to ensure our clients are satisfied and successful.

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