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Your brand is more than your identity, it’s your journey—where you came from and where you’re going—your story. We help you develop a clear brand strategy that succinctly defines who you are, what you do, and how you’re different.

This philosophy fuels our creative culture, resulting in powerful work that stretches boundaries and strengthens results.

From startups just finding their feet to established corporations with decades of brand development. We help our clients create, renew, and launch their narrative. We leverage our strategic thinking and creative design to tap into human emotion and bring out unique characteristics in every company.

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Whether an international campaign, a thought leadership video, or a multi-million-dollar trade show experience the power to persuade lies in the power of the idea.

Essential brands create clear narratives and creative expressions about what they do and why it matters. Our creative crew thrives on turning conceptual visions into reality. To do this, we take a step back and examine your brand image broadly and contextually. Considering the role of visual language, user experience, and human-computer interaction to produce creative work more effectively across all channels.

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Brand Development

Your brand’s identity is its most valuable asset. Not only does it define how the world sees your company, but it also creates an identity on which all of your products and services are built. Brand development is a diverse field that brings your company into focus and helps it endure over time. Our holistic approach to brand development includes research, strategy, planning, creative production, and management.

To develop a brand over time, it’s important to create a clear and concise strategy that taps into human emotion. Once we’ve developed key concepts and business objectives, we engage specific communications tools and bring your vision to life. We specialize in all aspects of brand identity, including logos, websites, taglines, and merchandise. Brand management is also integral to our approach, with successful brands needing to be robust and flexible as the world changes around them.

User-Interface Design

User interface design and engineering is an important part of brand consistency and the creative process. Whether it’s a website, an application, or a hardware device, the interface is integral to the functionality and usability of all interactive products. The best designs are simple and efficient without dumbing down the user experience. We specialize in UX development and UI design for a wide range of products.

Our UX design services attempt to refine the user experience through areas such as customer analysis, competitor analysis, product structure, and prototyping. In comparison, our UI design services are focused primarily on user interface design, including design research, branding, graphics, and anything else that closes the gap between the functionality and usability of a product.

Package Design

Package design is an integral part of branding and product development. Whatever you’re selling, having the right design on the package helps to differentiate your products and engage your target market.

Package design involves all of the visual elements that define a product package. From the typography used to catch the customer’s eyes through to graphic design and labeling, everything needs to be in shape if you want to stand out from the crowd. We know how to protect and preserve your products while we inform and excite your customers through content and visual language.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the most exciting new developments taking place in the world of tech. From gaming and tourism through to medical and military applications, interactive VR continues to capture the world’s attention. VR technology is evolving all the time, with headsets and multi-projected environments used to generate realistic images, sounds, and sensations.

The world of VR has tremendous marketing potential. Whether it’s mapping real estate, highlighting a concept car, or showing off a product in a new environment, VR allows you to communicate ideas and sensations to a captive audience. Our creative team is at the forefront of this exciting field and know exactly how to utilize existing applications to market your products and services.

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Along with virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality is having a huge effect on the marketing landscape. From holograms and snap filters through to innovative display technologies, we are living in exciting times. While computers have long influenced how we access information and communicate with the world around us, we now have the ability to immerse ourselves in the machine as the medium becomes the message.

Augmented reality was recently used to good effect in the highly popular Pokemon mobile game, which showed off the massive potential of immersive technology. Holograms have even been utilized to bring Elvis Presley and Tupac back to life, with people more than ready to engage with these powerful new technologies. We can help you to realize your potential through the production of new environments and visualizations.

Copywriting Services

When it comes to marketing, content has and always will be king. While you can spend years perfecting your logo and thousands of dollars crafting media for your website, it’s all useless if the words you use fail to engage your audience. Copywriting includes all text material that is used for marketing purposes, including advertising, social media, websites, print media, and product packaging among others.

We specialize in a range of copywriting services and have access to highly skilled writers for clear and persuasive messages. The copy we produce is creative, informative, and tailored to meet the needs of your business. From content creation through to intricate editing and fact-checking, we know how to produce high-quality content that cuts through the noise.

Interactive Design

Interactive design deals with real-world marketing applications such as touchscreens, product exhibits, and trade shows. Your marketing efforts should not be limited to the virtual world, with businesses needing to get out there and engage with their customers face-to-face. Good interactive design is based on user experience, with our team able to create experiential spaces where people and technology conjoin.

We specialize in all aspects of interactive design, including touchscreen design, exhibit design, and the creation of functional display booths for trade shows and product launches. Strong visual design and meaningful media form the foundation of our interactive design practice, which is about connecting people with products and services through technology and collaboration.